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Along the way it happens, we start to notice disorganization in our children...maybe it is a behavior that seems a bit off, maybe a teacher mentioned it, or maybe they have a diagnosis.  The important thing to remember is that you are not alone.  Many, if not all, parents have seen their child do something and thought, “Is that normal?”. 

Perhaps you see a behavior happen a few times and your mind immediately worries, “Is she bipolar? Autistic? I’ve heard of something called Oppositional Defiant Disorder…is this it?” 

Maybe your child is whip smart, but for some reason just isn’t picking up on reading or math, he's struggling, homework meltdowns occur each night, and now it is second grade and you are starting to get concerned.

Other times, a teacher mentions it or suggests going in for an evaluation.  Maybe it is attention and focus, or they just can’t sit still during the day.

Or, maybe your child has a diagnosis, but the therapies you have been trying just aren’t working or getting you anywhere.

Meaningful Movement NeuroDevelopmental Movement® might be what you have been looking for.  Based on the Developmental Sequence, we look at seven levels of the brain and six modalities to find where the gaps in development exist.  Both sensory and motor competencies are addressed.  We then assign an individualized daily movement program to go back and rewire the disorganized levels of the brain.    

A typical program involves things such as belly crawling, hands and knees creeping, sensory work, specific whole-body patterns and vestibular movement and can take 30-75 minutes daily.  Note that the activities can be chunked into smaller circuits done throughout the day!

This non-invasive, drug free approach is helping children all over the world find calm, joy and success.  Look over our Services and Contact us to see if Meaningful Movement is the right approach for your child and family. 

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