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Introduction to NeuroDevelopmental Movement

The A Brain for Life course, an introduction to NeuroDevelopmental Movement/AKA Neurological Reorganization with Bette Lamont, is now online! This course is a stand alone for those who want basic skills that can be used in preschool settings, dance classes, daycare centers to support children to move through and fulfill the Developmental Sequence. This is also the training that led to the development of an entire curriculum in the nurseries in London, England and ultimately led to the new setting of movement standards for the country as a whole.    

This training...

  • Introduces the Developmental Sequence Chart and Normal Neurological Development

  • Provides understanding of the source of learning, behavior, social/emotional, and coordination challenges that may be present in the children you care for

  • Teaches observation skills and activities for assessing developmental gaps

  • Provides tools and activities to help children mature their nervous systems


The tools learned during this training were enough to lead Katie Johnson, publisher of several books on reading  and an elementary school teacher in Washington State, to change the trajectory of every child who came through her K/1 programs.  With the tests we had given her in a similar training years ago, she could spot those children who may have difficulties as they moved through the elementary years.  However, in just 15 - 20 minutes every morning, the children at risk went through a short neurodevelopmental program and all of her students developed reading and academic skills beyond their projected outcomes.

If you have any questions about the children with whom you work, are looking for basic tools to help them, and/or if you are interested in becoming a Certified NeuroDevelopmental Movement Consultant you will want to register for this workshop. 

This course is not a certification program, but will give you tools to use in your setting with children. 

After Registration and Payment of $325 you will receive course information, course video links and digital materials within 24 hours via the email  Please email Jessie if you have any questions.

For further information about NeuroDevelopmental Movement and Bette Lamont, log on to

Downloadable Training Syllabus

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