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As an elementary school teacher, I have seen the effects of not completing the Developmental Sequence fully.  Bright kids who struggle to sit in their chair, kind kids who don't understand the boundaries of their peers and get constant reminders to keep their hands to themselves.  Students who know their math facts one day and can't seem to recall them the next.  And then there are those children who don't understand inside voice and may never find stillness.  


You may think to yourself, "What is going on here?" 

These children all show signs of incomplete lower brain development.  Some of the connections in the pre-cortical levels of their brain did not wire up strong enough or were missed altogether.


There are many things that go into completing the Developmental Sequence, and many things that our modern world presents us with that may impair that lower brain development.  From birth trauma and stress to baby apparatus that limit movement and technology, a multitude of different things are coming into play and we are seeing it in the classrooms.

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