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About Jessie Forston, MEd

Certified NeuroDevelopmental Movement Consultant


An elementary school teacher with her Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota, a Certified YogaKids Teacher, and mother of two, Jessie has a passion for teaching, children and movement.  Certified through the National Neurological Reorganization Practitioners Association in March of 2014, Jessie enjoys working with children of all abilities to reach their full potential. 

Building on her strong background in education, Jessie takes pleasure in helping families to weave learning into movement, creating fun and educational experiences while building foundational brain connections.  She can also assist you in integrating your child’s NeuroDevelopmental Movement program into their IEP.


In addition to NeuroDevelopmental Movement, Jessie is a Registered Yoga Teacher with extensive training in working with children, she has worked with the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development on Mindfulness curriculum to help children and families become less reactive and more mindful, and teaches yoga to children through Learning Tree Yoga.  Currently, Jessie is working with Bette Lamont to create a best practices and training for others interested in learning more about NeuroDevelopmental Movement.

Jessie works with children and families from her studio in Northeast Minneapolis, and throughout the Twin Cities area.  She also travels throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin and works with clients online.


Contact Jessie to help your child reach their full potential.



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