• Does your child struggle with things that seem to come easily to others?

  • Is your child smart, but has a difficult time demonstrating it?

  • Are you frustrated with labels that don't seem to get you anywhere?

  • Are the traditional methods just not helping them reach their potential? 

A movement based approach to...

  • overcome learning, attention, behavior challenges

  • provide educators with additional tools

  • and share best practices for early childhood

Along the way it happens, we start to notice disorganization in our children...maybe it is a behavior that seems a bit off, maybe a teacher mentioned it, or maybe they have a diagnosis.

As an educator, you are getting frustrated with not being able to reach those non-readers, or you don't understand why they get it one day and not the next...

You are a new parent, with a fresh little bundle of joy ready to learn...what types of "Purposeful Play" can you add to your day to build that brain well?