• Does your child struggle with things that seem to come easily to others?

  • Is your child smart, but has a difficult time demonstrating it?

  • Are you frustrated with labels that don't seem to get you anywhere?

  • Are the traditional methods just not helping them reach their potential? 

A movement based approach to...

  • overcome learning, attention, behavior challenges

  • provide educators with additional tools

  • and share best practices for early childhood

Along the way it happens, we start to notice disorganization in our children...maybe it is a behavior that seems a bit off, maybe a teacher mentioned it, or maybe they have a diagnosis.

As an educator, you are getting frustrated with not being able to reach those non-readers, or you don't understand why they get it one day and not the next...

You are a new parent, with a fresh little bundle of joy ready to learn...what types of "Purposeful Play" can you add to your day to build that brain well?

Meaningful Movement

Helping children and families reach their potential through developmental movement activities and Neurological Reorganization.


500 38th Avenue NE #200

Minneapolis, MN 55421


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